Waste Removal

M&M Sanitation Services' goal is to provide you with streamlined waste services to make trash disposal and recycling as easy as possible. Equipped with our state-of-the-art fleet of trucks and environmentally sensitive equipment, we are committed to finding you the most cost-effective recycling program. No matter the size of your business, we can design a waste removal and recycling plan specifically for you. We offer single-stream collection services, as well as specialized recycling and handling e-waste. In addition to our dependable service, we can provide you with trash service that fit your schedule and budget.


Office waste

Whether your business is large or small, M&M Sanitation Services is familiar with the rubbish removal and recycling needs of companies of all sizes. We can help develop an individualized plan to efficiently dispose of your office waste and recyclable materials. M&M garbage collector can provide different sizes and types of bins, dumpsters and compactors to make sure your business has the all the equipment necessary to successfully carry out your waste disposal program. We also can arrange certified document destruction for your business.


If you're looking for a waste storage solution, waste removal services, planning an event, or just creating more trash than usual, M&M Sanitation Services can provide your business with a container solution to suit your needs. Whether your project is large or small, our first priority is supplying our clients with the equipment that they need. We can deliver anything from a mini-container for your office to a large roll-off dumpster, and M&M will schedule delivery and pickup at your convenience.  CLICK HERE for our order form.


Organic Waste Composting

M&M can provide your food service establishment a system to separate and collect the food and organic waste out of your waste stream for beneficial use recycling.  M&M has a variety of collection containers and compostable bags available to help your establishment comply with local laws while acheiving your recycling goals.


Bulk Waste

Sometimes you have to get rid of things that are simply too big for regular curbside garbage collection. If you're disposing of an old piece of furniture, washing machine, or any large appliance, M&M Sanitation Services can take care of it with a scheduled bulk waste pickup.


Container Services

Whether you are renovating your home, moving to a new space, or simply tidying up the attic, home improvements can create a lot of junk. M&M Sanitation Services offers a variety of containers for rent for your waste removal. Whether your project is large or small, we can help make it a little easier by supplying the right equipment for your project. To order a waste container, CLICK HERE.

Container Services

Whether your construction project is large or small, proper waste removal is a top priority. Along with our wide variety of waste containers, M&M Sanitation Services can offer your worksite flexible and convenient pickup and delivery of our disposal containers. From mini-containers to large open-top dumpsters, we can supply the tools to help complete your project. To order a waste container, CLICK HERE.

Loose Pickups

Whether your project involves major demolition or even minor construction, you're going to have junk that requires special removal.  Whether you need to dispose of old appliances, furniture, yard waste, bulky waste items, or simply loose debris, you can schedule M&M Sanitation Services to pick up any loose garbage.

Packer Truck Service

If you can't have a roll-off dumpster at your worksite, M&M Sanitation Services can send packer trucks to your construction or demolition site in order to compact and remove waste. Using a packer truck is an efficient way to dispose of higher volumes of junk or debris, without the burden of having a roll-off container for waste removal.

LEED Sustainability and Commitment

Making sure your worksite is truly environmentally friendly is of the utmost importance to us, which is why M&M Sanitation Services can help your project secure LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.  Choosing our services can ensure the proper collection and storage of recyclables, appropriate materials for reuse, and certifying any additions or alterations to your facilities are green.


Rolloff Containers

If you are working on a bigger project that produces a large amount of waste, M&M Sanitation Services can provide a roll-off container (also known as a dumpster) in a variety of sizes, as well as assisting you in acquiring the appropriate permits. Whether you fill it with debris from home renovations or yard waste, we can schedule delivery and pickups for waste removal that are convenient for you. To order a waste container, CLICK HERE.

Compactor Containers

Renting a compactor for your business can make sure that you're disposing of your trash in the most efficient way possible. By reducing the frequency of waste pickups, you will both save money and help the environment--fewer pickups means fewer vehicle emissions. M&M Sanitation Services can provide and help monitor a compactor for your project. 


Rear Load Containers

Rear loader trucks can be used to empty waste removal containers or simply for disposing of bagged trash. M&M Sanitation Services has a large fleet of rear load trucks in New York City and Northern New Jersey that can be used for scheduled pickups from your business. 


Event Services

M&M Sanitation Services offers a wide variety of event waste removal services and recycling services which includes waste disposal and recycling, setting up and removal of our no-sort recycling containers, and the planning and execution of a suitable waste and recycling strategy.  Whether you are having an opening or wedding, a community block party, or a large scale event such as a sporting event or concert, M&M will provide a quality and cost effective solution for your event.

Bio-Solids Hauling

M&M Sanitation Services can provide the necessary equipment and transportation services for your waste water treatment facilities. We will ensure the proper disposal of your facilities' by-products. Whether your facility needs plant or landfill leachate removal, M&M is experienced in waste water treatment plant bio-solids hauling.


USDA APHIS Certified Removal

Among our other services, we can also provide waste removal that meets the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service requirements. M&M Sanitation Services can arrange the proper disposal of quarantined containers and regulated waste under the USDA APHIS regulations. M&M Sanitation Services also handles non-regulated waste destruction of FDA, CCU, TTB, FWS seized materials, and old expired merchandise that must be destroyed.


Let us help you develop an effective and personalized recycling plan.
M&M has a variety of container sizes and services to fit your needs.